We recognize that there are many different challenges to accessibility, as every individual’s experience is unique. While we are constantly committed to accommodating all guests to the best of our ability, the Atlantis Oceanfront Inn may not be accessible to every individual, as it was built in the 1960s, decades before the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended. As such, due to the hotel’s age, size, and historic nature, it is unable to meet all ADA accessibility requirements and, therefore, there are no Accessible Rooms at this hotel because its pre-ADA constructional dimensions and building materials severely restrict the ability to do so. The hotel has not undertaken any new construction or substantial alterations since it was built, only routine maintenance and upkeep. There are not any readily achievable or technically feasible structural updates applicable to the hotel to provide any accessibility features beyond those which may already be present on site.

The hotel contains seven (7) different room types, distributed throughout the forty (40) available rooms for guests. The hotel is designed with two “wings,” a Right Wing and Left Wing. When viewing the hotel from the front (i.e., from the ocean side), the Right Wing contains three (3) levels of guest rooms—a Lower level, a Middle Level, and a Top level. The Left Wing contains two (2) levels of guest rooms—a Ground and a Top level. There are no elevators at this hotel. Guests must avail themselves to using stairs to navigate the property accordingly. Connected to the Left Wing, there is a small Lobby with a Concierge Desk. The Lobby entrance doorways are accessible from the rear parking lot only and are thirty-two (32) inches wide. The Lobby also hosts two (2) public restrooms with doors that are thirty-three and three-quarters (33 ¾) inches wide. The hotel contains a small dine-in café—the Breakfast Café—that can be accessed through a small set of stairs leading from the Lobby to the Breakfast Café dining area. If able, patrons requiring the use of a walker or wheelchair that are able to climb up these stairs under their own strength (or with the assistance of friends or family members) may do so through these steps at their own discretion and risk. Hotel staff members may assist carrying the walkers or wheelchairs of these guests up this small set of stairs leading to the dining area (but will not be able to assist the guests themselves). The hotel also features a Pool that is available for guests. Access to the Pool can be obtained from the Left Wing by navigating down a sloped patch of grassy area to a walkway, and from the Right Wing through a set of stairs only. Guests requiring the assistance of a Pool lift to use the Pool may do so by requesting the lift from hotel staff members.

The hotel is designed to intentionally provide guests with an enhanced “solitary” experience from the everyday stresses of life. As such, while the rooms come equipped with some basic electronics (such as, coffee makers, televisions, and telephones), they do not contain most modern, state-of-the-art equipment. There is no Room Service in the traditional sense, only daily housekeeping at the discretion or request of guests. 

Hotel rooms located in the Right Wing can be accessed from the rear parking lot only by using available staircases, either leading down to the Lower level, or up to the Middle and Top levels. Hotel rooms located in the Left Wing can similarly be accessed from the rear parking lot. However, hotel rooms on the Ground level of the Left Wing are at equal level with the parking lot and do not require the use of a staircase (or ramp). Hotel rooms on the Top level of the Left Wing can be accessed from the parking lot only by using available staircases. 

Hotel room front doorway entrances (those facing the ocean) are twenty-eight (28) inches wide. Hotel room rear doorway entrances (those facing the parking lot) are twenty-eight and one-half (28 ½) inches wide. Due to the properties’ pre-ADA construction, at this time, our in-room bathrooms cannot sustain structural or plumbing upgrades to implement grab bars, roll-in showers, accessible toilets, or handheld showerheads. While some rooms contain a stand-up shower, all others contain bathtubs. Every hotel room’s bathroom doorway entrance is twenty-four (24) inches wide. Due to old construction, our rooms are very tight and walking paths may not be wide enough for individuals requiring wheelchairs to navigate unimpeded. As such, in-room turning ratios are extremely constrained.

Hotel management and ownership is currently making good-faith efforts to identify what accessibility “barriers” may be removed without the need for substantial construction/alterations, if possible, and will be endeavoring to update this location appropriately. For more information regarding accessibility at the hotel, please call us at (978) 283-0014 to speak to one of our representatives or email us at info [at]

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